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About us

Sofia Residential Development is a Danish property developer with local knowledge in Bulgaria. We build attractive homes in Sofia for the growing middle class in a city that is in rapid development.
We focus on sustainability, quality, and the good life in Sofia. At the same time, Sofia Residential Development has been in Bulgaria for 10 years, and we have the necessary knowledge about the housing market in one of Europe's emerging capitals.
Our mission is to provide high-quality housing with a central location to the rising middle class in Sofia. We develop and build better housing to be an active part of the positive development in a vibrant capital.

We are building better housing for a sustainable future

Our business model is based on six principles that make our buildings attractive and business sound.

There is a scent of growth in Sofia

It's like Copenhagen 20-30 years ago. Housing shortage in the inner city. Empty building plots and an aging housing stock that needs to be renewed.

We work with sustainability

We build for future generations. That is why we have developed our own ESG framework - environment, social, and governance. In this way, we have sustainability in all parts of our business. We are among the best in Sofia today. But we want to get even better, so we stay ahead in the future.

*Return on Investment of approximately 100% on our projects over the past four years, based on our gross profit, which has been around 50%


Below are some of our projects. We pride ourselves on our projects, which are built according to our Nordic standards.


Our model for sustainability and our modern housing projects make us a leading competitor in the Bulgarian capital, Sofia. It has given a solid return on investment of around 100%. Read about our business philosophy here and why it's going so well.
  • We build on carefully selected grounds in the center of Sofia
  • Our homes are arranged according to Nordic tradition with lots of light and individual balconies
  • Sofia is reminiscent of Copenhagen 20-30 years ago, so there is plenty of room for lots of new buildings
  • Bulgarians has the lowest spend on housing in all of Europe - which is why there is growth in quality housing
  • Sofia accounts for 40% of Bulgaria's GDP
  • The EU is investing 215 billion DKK in Sofia over seven years
  • We have created our own development model because we want to be more sustainable than our competitors
  • We build according to the Nordic model with good insulation and low energy consumption
  • We work actively to live up to the World Economic Forum's five principles for sustainable property development
  • We are always moving forwards. We improve our development model year by year, so we continuously set new sustainability goals
  • We have built seven buildings with a total of 154 apartments
  • Our development model has been so successful that we can’t keep up with demand
  • Our projects are being built properly and are finished on time, because we only settle with the contractors once the construction is approved
  • Our development model is extremely scalable - also to other major cities in the area  
  • Our return on investment on all our completed constructions has so far been around 100%
  • In the last three years, we have returned our equity at more than 50% per annum - our stock listing secures capital to keep homes for rent, while we invest in new buildings
  • Our shift from a pure development company to also renting out homes ensures a high and stable, ongoing return


As part of good corporate governance, any new investment in a real estate project must be approved by the entire board of directors.

Board of Directors

Board member


Sustainable Development Goals

UN World Goal 11 is about making cities and communities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. This is exactly what we want when we build homes in Sofia. They must be safe, robust, and sustainable. When we build homes, it is based on an inclusive approach. Elevators, where possible, and thresholdless doors help ensure equal access. In the same way, we work to include our construction in the historical and local context.


We work in Sofia Residential Development specifically with sub-goals one and three. Sub-objective number one must ensure access to suitable and secure housing at an affordable price with access to basic services, and slums must be upgraded.

In sub-goal number three, urban development must be made more inclusive and sustainable, and the capacity for inclusive, integrated, and sustainable housing planning and management must be strengthened.

If housing development is to be a success, then we must be aware of our responsibility to residents and communities. You have to do things properly the first time. It is our goal with Sofia Residential Development that we will make a positive difference for the residents and the local community in the long run.


Sofia Residential Development is building better housing in the Bulgarian capital. If you want to hear more about the company or get in contact with the management, you are welcome to contact us.


Georgi Kirov



Real estate executive


Georgi Kirov joined Colliers International in 2001 and has been the head of his department since 2006. Among other things, he has been responsible for the largest real estate transaction in Bulgaria to date, Business Park Sofia, which had a total value of DKK 280 million Euro.


Capital Markets, Colliers International, Bulgaria

Carbon Motors,

Board Member
The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, London


University of Chicago, Booth School of Business

Finance, University of National and World Economy, Bulgaria

Majbritt Stabell Christensen

Board Member


Real estate executive


Majbrit Stabell Christensen has worked with real estate throughout her career. First, as an advisor to Lidl during their entry into the Danish market. Later, in Skanska Øresund, where she was development and rental manager with responsibility for the rental and development of larger urban areas. She has founded and runs Adoor, which mediates properties for home seekers. Previously, she was a co-founder of the advisory portal 2move, which advises tenants and businesses, and quickly became a success. She sold her stake in 2018.


CEO og founder
at Popl ApS


M. Sc.
International Marketing & Management, Copenhagen Business School

B. Sc.
Economics and business administration, Copenhagen Business School

Henrik Deigaard

Board Member


Real Estate investment executive


Henrik Deigaard was with Nordea as a Senior Private Banker until 2018, where he managed large fortunes for private and business customers.

Since 2018, Henrik has been a project manager within forests and real estate at DIFKO A/S.


Project director
Forest and Real Estate Investments, Difko A/S


Master degree in Finance
Aarhus School of Business

Jens Kindberg



CEO of Sofia Residentail Development.


Jens Kindberg is a property developer with expertise in the development of properties in growth areas. After graduating from Copenhagen Business School, Jens has worked in the financial sector at Scandium Asset Management, MAN GLG, and Nykredit.

Since 2011, Jens has invested in real estate in Denmark, and since 2015 he has been focused on the real estate market in Sofia.

Jens has a cand. merc. in finance and accounting from Copenhagen Business School.


M. Sc.
Finance and Accounting, Copenhagen Business School

B. Sc.
Economics and business administration, Aalborg University

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