There is a scent of growth in Sofia

As I drive down Todor Alexandrov's Boulevard to the old cathedral, I see the city blossom.

Foreign investment is causing cranes to rise above the city.

The EU is investing heavily in raising living standards. Unemployment is low, and both house prices and wages are on the rise.

It's like Copenhagen 20-30 years ago. Housing shortage in the inner city. Empty building plots and old apartments which the Bulgarians are outgrowing. In that market, it is popular to come from the Nordic countries.

Sofia has cold winters and hot summers. So proper insulation, good build quality, and bright apartments are highly sought after.

Our constructions set the standard for how a family can live with the city right around them. Therefore, it has also been possible to create a good business.

ROI has been around 100% on all our completed constructions, so the return on our equity has been around 50% every year for the past four years.

Now the momentum must be seized. Help build the Sofia of the future.

We can go from being a development company to also being a company with quality housing for rent. The permanent rental income is worth more than a lump sum on sale. At the same time, we can free up capital to have more construction projects underway than we have today. 

The goal is for us to build 3,000 homes in ten years and establish a rental portfolio of 1,000 attractive apartments. We are in Sofia for the long haul. This is why we have developed our own model to ensure more sustainability than the city's other development companies. We adapt it continuously, so we stay ahead. And it has made us a popular partner when developing new projects.

Sofia is the city of opportunity. Help create the future.

Jens Kindberg
Director, Sofia Residential Development

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