An investment in future growth

Sofia Residential Development was established in 2014 and is owned by more than 50 professional investors from Denmark. We are not open for new investors.

All with the aim to benefit from the real estate development market in Sofia, Bulgaria. With our investor base, we will start the next chapter in our history – to become among the largest developers in Sofia. We have favorable opportunities for growth in this market. We have a business model that makes us more robust than our competitors. We build homes that are among the most sought-after in the city and we divest the projects to institutional investors or end users after construction is finalized.

Historically, we have done a lot to hold on to our partners, whether it is the local electrician in Sofia or the bricklayer or DIFKO from Denmark - we take pride in maintaining a good cooperation, just as we also work closely with our shareholders.

This provides a solid foundation for the future.

Building a better future in Sofia

The Danish-owned company Sofia Residential Development is taking the next step towards becoming one of Bulgaria's largest property developers. With Nordic inspiration and a focus on sustainability and quality, Sofia Residential Development has already made a positive impact on the Bulgarian housing market. Listen to founder and CEO Jens Kindberg tell more about Sofia Residential Development here.

Why people invest in Sofia?

Georgi Kirov has in-depth knowledge of the Bulgarian property market and talks about the growth potential in the capital, Sofia. Georgi Kirov is Chairman of the Board of Sofia Residential Development and a partner of Colliers International in Bulgaria since 2008.


2010 - 2015

Getting to know the city

Jens Kindberg starts his business in Sofia and gains in-depth knowledge of the city. From here, he also helps inter-national banks with difficult assets.


First project in Sofia

The start of Sofia Residential Development was a property at Ovche Pole 137, centrally located in Sofia.


Increase in business.

After a lengthy due diligence, Sofia Residential Development invested in Bregalnitasa 61, which doubled Sofia Residential development's portfolio.


Third project

At the beginning of 2017, the third project is signed. The property Pirotska 67 which roughly was the same size as the first two projects.


Doubling for the third time

Two new investments are signed in Sofia. The total number of square metres of the projects (finalized and development) reaches more than 10,000.


Capital increase

Sofia Residential Development increases its capital. This money allows Sofia to start the plan to become one of the Sofia's largest development companies within 10 years.

Financial calendar


Investor Relations

Sofia Residential Development A/S
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