Sustainability is about people

We work with sustainability to secure future generations. We want to be measured on an ongoing basis. We are committed to living up to the World Economic Forum's five principles for sustainable property development. In our upcoming annual reports, we will talk about our progress, and we’ve already come a long way.

World Economic Forum's Five Principles for Sustainable Property Development


We will adhere to the best sustainability standards in all aspects of our constructions and the Board will monitor and publish our standards.


We want to ensure that our decisions improve sustainability locally in collaboration with residents, urban planners, politicians, and other stakeholders.


We are committed to continuously developing our environmental efforts in the management of our buildings, rentals, and assets.


We will continuously monitor our climate footprint as well as our risk of being affected by natural disasters, environmental regulation, and the economic consequences of climate change.


We will set concrete goals to improve our sustainability, including our commitment to minimizing CO2 emissions and increasing our use of renewable energy.

We have already done that

Our environment

  • We reduce our CO2 footprint by better insulating walls, floors, ceilings, and windows.
  • We have a separate water and heat meter per apartment, which makes residents save on water.
  • We build so that the rainwater can seep naturally into the ground and not end up in the sewer.
  • We make sure that residents can sort their waste and increase recycling.
  • We preserve existing planting on the site when we build.
  • We build with materials that last longer and can be recycled, which reduces our climate footprint.

Our surroundings

  • We ensure all residents access to "the good life" in relation to access to light, air, wind, and views.
  • We give back to our surroundings and raise the quality of construction and life in the areas we build in.
  • We take responsibility by solving our own parking of cars and bicycles.
  • We create security and safety at our properties for the benefit of both the residents and the surroundings.
  • We build so that the elderly and disabled can also live in our homes. That means access to elevators and thresholdless doors where possible.

Our code of conduct

  • We distance ourselves from all corruption and, of course, cooperate with the authorities.
  • Every year, we will make a public report on our sustainability initiatives and good corporate governance, starting with the annual accounts for 2022.
  • Our structure is simple and without a focus on tax optimization.
  • All shareholders are given equal rights without special rights to individuals.
  • We invest long-term for the benefit of both investors, partners, and the residents of our properties.

Sustainable Development Goals

UN World Goal 11 is about making cities and communities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. This is exactly what we want when we build homes in Sofia. They must be safe, robust, and sustainable. When we build homes, it is based on an inclusive approach. Elevators, where possible, and thresholdless doors help ensure equal access. In the same way, we work to include our construction in the historical and local context.


We work in Sofia Residential Development specifically with sub-goals one and three. Sub-objective number one must ensure access to suitable and secure housing at an affordable price with access to basic services, and slums must be upgraded.

In sub-goal number three, urban development must be made more inclusive and sustainable, and the capacity for inclusive, integrated, and sustainable housing planning and management must be strengthened.

If housing development is to be a success, then we must be aware of our responsibility to residents and communities. You have to do things properly the first time. It is our goal with Sofia Residential Development that we will make a positive difference for the residents and the local community in the long run.

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