We are building better housing for a sustainable future

Our business model is based on six principles that make our buildings attractive and business sound.


We find building plots in the middle of Sofia, where there is already life, but where the building stock is worn out. Here we build apartments according to Nordic building tradition: bright, with good insulation, and almost all have a balcony.


We build in areas where people already live. Therefore, it is important that our apartments fit into the neighbourhood and that we raise the quality of construction and life. The homes are accessible and safe - also for the elderly and disabled.


We only take over the risk and pay the full for the project once the authorities have approved the apartments. However, we are always present on the building site from A to Z to ensure the quality and uphold schedules.


Our apartments are well insulated, so the indoor climate is healthy and the heating bill is low. We preserve planting and build with materials that last longer and are easier to recycle. It ensures homes that are more sustainable than those that were before.


All buyers of the apartments are given the opportunity to decide for themselves what their kitchen, bathroom, floors, and walls should look like. It is a well-known principle in the Nordic countries, but it is largely unknown in Sofia.


When we make a deal, we stick to it. It sounds simple, but it is not always the custom in the construction industry. We distance ourselves from corruption and pay our due taxes. That is why we are a well-liked partner.

Sustainable Development Goals

UN World Goal 11 is about making cities and communities inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. This is exactly what we want when we build homes in Sofia. They must be safe, robust, and sustainable. When we build homes, it is based on an inclusive approach. Elevators, where possible, and thresholdless doors help ensure equal access. In the same way, we work to include our construction in the historical and local context.


We work in Sofia Residential Development specifically with sub-goals one and three. Sub-objective number one must ensure access to suitable and secure housing at an affordable price with access to basic services, and slums must be upgraded.

In sub-goal number three, urban development must be made more inclusive and sustainable, and the capacity for inclusive, integrated, and sustainable housing planning and management must be strengthened.

If housing development is to be a success, then we must be aware of our responsibility to residents and communities. You have to do things properly the first time. It is our goal with Sofia Residential Development that we will make a positive difference for the residents and the local community in the long run.

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